Ann Atman

Ann Atman

Ann Atman is an electronic music producer and DJ based in Miami, Florida. Known for her moody mixing style that blends deep and tribal house, electronica and techno, Atman’s unique sound pulses with deep and addictive hypnotic grooves. 

Atman’s DJ career took off quickly, with the artist gaining popularity on the electronica scene after playing private sets during Paris Fashion Week. To date, she has performed around the world, from international party hotspots such as Ibiza, Dubai, Tulum and Croatia, to renowned music festivals including Burning Man, Okeechobee, and TimesLess. 

We recently sat down with Ann and talked to her about her inspiration, day to day activities, and how CBD fits into her daily life.

What drives your inspiration for playing and producing music?

I like to share good vibes, it’s like meditation. Music can definitely heal, can recharge you, can make you think deeply about something or remember the best moments. It’s limitless and timeless, that’s what I truly love about it.


What do you do to relax and unwind?

I meditate, do yoga and listen to audiobooks or just go to the Beach. I believe that the ocean takes away all negative energy and chills your mind as well ;)

How does Likuid Gold make you feel?

It makes me feel peaceful, with a positive mood.