Connor Bert

Connor Bert

Connor Bert is an award winning craft cocktail bartender and mixologist. His career began in Manhattan at world renowned cocktail bars including Soho House. After winning several regional and statewide competitions throughout the east coast, he found himself in Pittsburgh, PA and then Sarasota, FL where he created programs for several bars and restaurants. He currently resides in St Petersburg, FL ready to make you drinks at Buya Ramen. Connor has an unmatched sense of creativity behind the bar and is one of the coolest dudes we know.

What drives your inspiration for craft cocktails and mixing drinks for people?

When I was learning to bartend in NYC a friend of mine had told me the only way to break the mold of a normal bartender is to create. Begin making your own drinks and creating your own recipes and it will help separate you from the pack.



What do you enjoy about mixing drinks for people? 

Having my own creations enjoyed by people is the greatest feeling in the world! When someone can find enjoyment from something you created just hits different.


What do you do to relax and unwind?

I grew up boxing, it really lets me put my mind at ease and only focus on what's in front of me at that exact moment and to really focus on the now.


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How does Likuid Gold Tincture make you feel?

Likuid Gold is like ... "It makes me feel like a slice of butter, melting on a stack of flapjacks" honestly though, it takes away any stress you're holding and just relaxes you in the best way possible.

 How does a cocktail infused with Likuid Gold make you feel? 

When you combine Alcohol and CBD, both with different characteristics, you end up with a perfect combo. The alcohol can have calming muscle relaxing effects that pair off the CBD but the sugars in the Alcohol also help keep you energized! Not to mention the medicinal benefits of CBD!!!