Isacc Yi

Isacc Yi

We recently sat down with photographer Isacc Yi to ask him a few questions about his artist process and how he enjoys using the Likuid Gold CBD oil in his day to day life.

We first met Isacc in St.Peterburg, Florida during our inaugural LKG photoshoot and instantly knew we had a collaborator with a shared vision. Check out out our interview and some examples of his work below and make sure to give him a follow on his instagram page.


What is your background?

Before I dove into photography, I did research in a branch of psychology called human factors, studying how the human mind processes information, how it does it efficiently, and the relationship between man and machine. I can definitely say that studying the human mind and being in research has affected the way I approach my work and the questions that I ask. 


Isacc Yi


What drives your inspiration for photography?

I find inspiration in so many different ways, from why a song is structured a certain way, to how a chef uses nostalgia as an ingredient, to folklore and its vast amount of symbology. I have always believed that art is an extension of how uniquely thoughts are formed in each individual. So I guess you can say that my curiosity on how we think and perceive drives my work.

What does your work aim to say?

I would say my work aims to ask questions, tell stories, and embody curiosity. 

Isacc Yi

What do you do to relax and unwind?

The biggest way I relax and unwind is probably by watching animations: from anime, to american cartoons, and to claymation. It’s a true form of escapism. 


How does Likuid Gold Tincture make you feel?

Likuid Gold Tincture definitely makes me feel leveled, which comes in different forms throughout the day. I have been taking it in the morning with coffee, and it helps me to organize my thoughts. I also take it before bed, and feel like I have been getting more well rounded sleep. 

Isacc Yi


How does a cocktail infused with Likuid Gold make you feel?

I think the best way to describe how a cocktail infused with LKG made me feel would be that it feels like a skateboard with new wheels and trucks, and riding that skateboard down fresh pavement. It's an experience of coasting.



For more work from Isaac, make sure and give him a follow on his instagram and stay tuned for future collaborations with LKG.