About LKG

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Develop, promote and provide the benefits of the cannabis plant to a global audience through collaborations with creators, community building, and quality products that integrate wellness effortlessly into lifestyle.



We stand for providing avenues for uplifting experiences, increased personal health, and mental stimulus through purity of product and design. We believe that a healthy lifestyle can be integrated into your life and promoted effortlessly into culture through collaboration with artists, influencers, and various creatives all over the world.



[ Simplicity / Purity ]

We believe the simplest solutions are the most elegant, and consistently seek to simplify our ideas down to their simplest form.

[ Wellness ]

We practice what we preach, and are always looking for ways to promote wellness and healthy lifestyle both internally and through our products and messaging.

[ Collaboration ]

It takes a village, and we seek to build long standing relationships with partners in order to build a community and brand in which they feel proud to be a part of.

[ Improvement ]

We have grassroots beginnings, and are dedicated to making incremental and steady progress as we reach more and more people.

[ Transparency ]

We are committed to clear, concise, and honest communication with our audience and seek to build an open line of communication with our fans and supporters.